HBN Dairies & Allied Ltd.


Dairy farming is a traditional job in India. From thousands of years dairy farming is an integral part of the rural India. India is the largest milk producer in the world. So far milk production is concerned it has crossed the figure of United States of America also. But still it is an unorganized sector in our country. And hence, per capita yield of milk is lower than most of the countries. The United States of America, Australia and United Kingdom are among the first five milk producing (per capita) countries. The major reason for them being at the top is that the whole dairy farming sector is a well organized one over there. In India we need to do lots and lots of homework to develop this sector through modern and scientific methods. HBN Dairies & Allied Ltd. took a firm step forward to encourage this sector in 1998. It established its first dairy farm in Samalkha, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana on NH-1 nearby nation’s capital New Delhi in the year 1999. And thereafter the glorious onward journey began….

In 2005, we started a new modern dairy farm at Gannaur. This farm is equipped with utmost scientific technology and has provision for artificial insemination for cattle breeding. This project is certified with ISO 22000:2005 and has HACCP certification from International Authority. The dairy farm is getting upgraded to produce various milk by-products on its own, in coming time. In a vast area of around 23 acres, cattle breeding, farming for their feed and other ancillary activities related to dairy project is running successfully.


Established in 1998, HBN Dairies & Allied Ltd. is an ISO: 9001 accredited globally recognized company. In our journey of over 14 years, we have catalyzed some of the major changes that have led to our emergence as the one of the most efficient, growing, trusted name in the Indian market. Going forward, we are focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in India and internationally.

HBN's principal purpose is to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves. The values and ideals that define the way the group functions help it do that.



Milk Product

Milk, is a perishable natural product and thereby the short coming of shelf life, logistics and varieties in application has forced the dairy industry to look for better alternatives of dairy derivatives and one of them is HBN Dairy Whitener which has the optimal mix of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.This obviously implies better packing to see that not only the basic whitener but the packing also adds to the liking, and usability over a long run.HBN's dairy whitener is processed and made available with the right composition of raw milk and fat contents to give you all the taste and pleasure.To further make a move in a firm and strong manner HBN has embarked with a plan of implementing a modern dairy farm using the best farming, breeding and management techniques to produce milk and allied products.

desi ghee
desi ghee
desi ghee

Other Product

The tea was invented first time in the world by China. It is being produced in most of the countries of the world but India is the largest producer of tea. The tea producing states are West Bengal, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh etc. India is the major exporter of tea in the world.

HBN tea is sourced from the best tea gardens, after ensuring it gives you the real flavour and the taste, right from the sourcing to the packing, to give you the real appeal to buy, and invoke the desire to enjoy the delicacy and the aroma of our HBN tea, and the whole idea is to see, that it is an affordable product.To ensure that we are able to get the right blend and optimal purchase price, we have also obtained the license from the Tea Board of India vide number KOL/B-1991.

The most valuable taste maker is HBN Spices, which starts ranging from turmeric powder (Haldi powder) to nine different kinds of taste maker viz, Subzi Masala, Garam Masala, Sambhar powder, Meat masala, Channa masala, Chat masala, Kitchen King and Chilli powder. In all the above spices, it is necessary that the raw material is from the right place, plucked at the right time, dried up and then the right proportion of mixing, grinding and pulverising, to give the most ideal taste.The combination of different spices for different cuisines is expected to create a strong permanent liking for the taste and the delicacy leaving an ever lasting desire to enjoy HBN spices. Behind every HBN product, the idea is to provide good quality, at an affordable price by involving people.